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  • China could install up to 100GW of solar this year
    China could install up to 100GW of solar this year
    • August 01, 2022

    According to the latest data released by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), China deployed around 30.88 GW of new PV systems in the first half of 2022. As of the end of June, the cumulative power generation has reached 340GW. CPIA predicts that China may deploy 85-100GW of new PV installations this year. The association also revealed that in the first half of this year, exports of wafers, cells and modules totaled $25.9 billion, and panel exports totaled 78.6GW. Meanwhile, polysilicon production was 365,000 metric tons (+54%) and wafer production reached 152.8 GW (+45.5%). Solar cell and module shipments were 135.5 GW (+46.6%) and 123.6 GW (+54.1%), respectively. Wintop is a professional manufacturer of solar mount components.

  • Spain launches 140 MW distributed solar power auction
    Spain launches 140 MW distributed solar power auction
    • July 26, 2022

    Valardell, a 2.2 MW solar park in Llucmajor, Mallorca, Spain. Spain's Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenges (Miteco) has launched an auction for 140 MW of distributed solar power capacity. Shortlisted projects have an installed capacity of up to 5 MW and must secure at least three local partners, all within 60km of the project site. The auction will take place on October 25. The procurement campaign is part of a 520 MW tender that will be open for other renewable energy as well as thermal power projects. The energy tender is part of the Renewable Energy Economics Programme (REER) introduced in 2020 and is based on the allocation of a fixed price for the resulting energy through auctions.

  • Huawei ranks first in inverter supply in 2021
    Huawei ranks first in inverter supply in 2021
    • July 13, 2022

    China's Huawei has been named the world's largest inverter supplier for the seventh consecutive year, followed by Sungrow and Growatt, according to a Wood Mackenzie report. According to a new report by Wood Mackenzie, Huawei is the world's largest inverter supplier by shipments in 2021, followed by Sungrow. The two companies have held the top spot since 2016, with Huawei holding the top spot for seven consecutive years. In 2021, global PV inverter shipments will reach 225,3GWac, a 22% increase over 2021. The analyst firm noted: "Huawei's market share will remain stable at 23% in 2021, while Sungrow is not far behind, growing from about 19% in 2020 to about 21%. The third runner-up, Growatt, has a 7% market share, replacing SMA dropped to sixth place. The top three suppliers together control more than half of the global solar PV inverter market.” According to Wood Mackenzie, GoodWe has jumped four places in 2021 and is now No. 5, thanks to high shipments to the Asia-Pacific region, particularly China and South Korea. “Israel’s SolarEdge enters the top ten for the first time – it will be ninth in 2021, adding about 1,000 MW.” Last year, Asia Pacific was again the largest market, accounting for more than half of total shipments. The shares of Europe and the United States are 23% and 14%, respectively.

  • Mobile solar-plus-storage units for off-grid applications
    Mobile solar-plus-storage units for off-grid applications
    • July 06, 2022

    Enerwhere has designed a mobile solar-plus-storage installation for off-grid locations such as oil and gas fields and construction sites. It can be adapted to different needs and is scalable for megawatt-scale projects. Dubai-based solar developer Enerwhere Sustainable Energy DMCC has designed a solar cell container solution for off-grid applications in remote locations or construction sites. The company says the mobile unit can be moved and redeployed every two weeks and can be set up in as little as two hours. A company spokesperson told pv magazine: “We custom designed the trailer and assembled the battery cart and foldable solar cells ourselves. This containerized solution is ideal for oil fields, races, emergency power in disaster areas, agriculture and Construction." The company uses batteries from Germany's Alpha ESS and 370 W solar modules from Chinese manufacturer GCL Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. The panel has a power conversion efficiency of 19.1% and a temperature coefficient of -0.33% per degree Celsius. They weigh 22.2kg and measure 1965mm x 992mm x 35mm. The company is currently testing the system in Oman with a PV capacity of 74 kW and an energy storage capacity of 50 kWh. According to EnerWhere, it can run for 8 to 10 hours on 100% renewable energy. "The hybrid system is currently operating at 50 per cent renewable energy penetration for 24 hours and is expected to increase over time," the spokesman said. The mobile unit also incorporates an energy management system, Enlite Microgrid Control. It relies on historical databases, operational data and machine learning to predict load profiles and optimize on-site generation assets. The spokesperson said: “We are a temporary electricity provider that sells energy on a kWh basis, but do not sell these units. There are no capital expenditure requirements for the client. The solution is also adaptable to different needs and scalable for megawatt-scale projects.” Enerwhere recently launched a business model suitable for construction site solar projects. This approach is based on short-term power purchase agreements that allow mobile PV installations to be moved from one construction site to another.

  • lead! Huawei awarded the world's first carbon footprint verification statement for inverter products
    lead! Huawei awarded the world's first carbon footprint verification statement for inverter products
    • June 29, 2022

    [Shanghai, China] On June 28, Huawei Smart Photovoltaics was awarded the statement of opinion on product carbon footprint verification issued by BSI (British Standards Institution, hereinafter referred to as BSI). This is the world's first inverter product carbon footprint issued by BSI. Footprint Statement. As the source of international standards, BSI is a special advisor to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the institution that issued the world's first carbon footprint standard, PAS 2050, with leading authority. The award of this carbon footprint verification statement is an affirmation of Huawei's ability to evaluate the carbon footprint report of the product's full life cycle, and it is also the result of Huawei's efforts in three aspects: reducing carbon emissions, increasing the proportion of renewable energy, and promoting a circular economy. Huawei's "green, low-carbon, and sustainable" development concept runs through the entire life cycle of inverter products. It has been recognized by the authoritative organization BSI, and is of great significance to the establishment and development of the photovoltaic industry's carbon footprint management system. With the proposal of the "3060" dual-carbon goal, the photovoltaic industry, the main force of renewable energy, has ushered in explosive growth. Although photovoltaic power generation is recognized as an important way to reduce carbon emissions, it does not mean that photovoltaic solar products are all low-carbon. to zero carbon emissions. Therefore, the carbon footprint is crucial to the decarbonization of the energy system, and it is especially critical to understand and manage the carbon footprint and carbon emission impact of the manufacturing process of each component of the photovoltaic system. In Europe and other countries and regions, carbon footprint is a must for equipment bidding. Only advanced green manufacturing enterprises with authoritative carbon footprint certification can truly help customers develop low-carbon and high-quality photovoltaic projects. Looking forward to the future, Huawei will continue to strengthen low-carbon capacity building, use innovative technologies to develop more eco-friendly footprint products, accelerate carbon emission reductions for itself and its customers, and work together towards a greener and better future with sustainable development goals.

  • Spanish court orders Iberdrola to demolish 60% of 500 MW operable PV plant
    Spanish court orders Iberdrola to demolish 60% of 500 MW operable PV plant
    • June 21, 2022

    Spain's Extremadura Regional High Court has ruled that Spain's largest operable PV plant - the 500 MW Nuñez de Balboa PV plant in Usagre, near Badajoz - occupies illegally expropriated land. The owner of the solar park - Spanish energy giant Iberdrola - must now dismantle 60% of the plant. The owner of the property is Natura Manager, who owns 525 hectares of the 854 hectares occupied by the entire solar park. The court said: "The ruling shows that the land cannot be expropriated because it has been leased for 25 years. The expropriation request does not justify deprivation of property rights. The court also added that the company always had the statutory right to build the power station without expropriation of the land. "Nevertheless, all of its actions depend on a willingness to initiate an expropriation procedure without justification," the court ruled, while also acknowledging the right to "restore the farm to a state without photovoltaic power plants (including all facilities)." Iberdrola will appeal to the Spanish Supreme Court. The dispute is said to involve only one of the three owners of the project site. The company said: “Approximately 50% of the land is owned by two tenants who made no claims throughout, and maintained and responded to the contracts signed by the three owners at the time. The expropriation process … followed legal procedures and respected everything. existing rights and guarantees.” Iberdrola said the plant was built under valid, legal title and should not be demolished. "The plant has obtained all energy production licenses and will continue to operate as normal," the company said.

  • Solar Arms for Agricultural Photovoltaic Applications
    Solar Arms for Agricultural Photovoltaic Applications
    • June 13, 2022

    Slovakian startup Sun powered systems, s.r.o. has developed an automated photovoltaic system that can be used for various applications in arable land and crop cultivation. The photovoltaic device can provide off-grid power for the owner, assist in vegetable processing, prepare ready-to-use vegetable products or carry out product packaging. Connected to a moveable device beneath the solar panels, the system is capable of linear motion combined with the synchronized circular motion of the robotic arm itself, operating in a helical 60- or 30-centimeter width. The rotating arm is driven by a motor powered by photovoltaic panels fixed to the arm, the system does not require connection to the grid or any other external power source. The system uses an AC asynchronous motor with a speed of 1500 rpm and an operating power of 750 W. It can be equipped with commercial small solar modules, as well as LiFePo cells and frequency regulators. There are several versions of this system. The minimum configuration version of the robotic arm is 6 meters long and has an output of 1kW. It is reported that it can cover an area of 104 square meters of arable land. The highest configuration version of the robot arm is 18 meters long and has an output power of 2.4 kW, which can cover an area of 994 square meters of arable land. The system is capable of clearing weeds within a given line in one cycle, which is the number of revolutions the entire robotic arm must complete to turn around the axis of rotation from one end of the drive to the other. The system is easy to install, the farm operator can install the system using only soil screws, and it is very convenient to change the machine when needed. This system is suitable for all individuals, small communities and businesses who want fresh and healthy vegetables.

  • Maruti Suzuki India installs a 20 MW solar carport at its Manesar factory
    Maruti Suzuki India installs a 20 MW solar carport at its Manesar factory
    • June 10, 2022

    Maruti Suzuki India has built a 20 MW solar carport at its factory in Manesar, Haryana. The project is expected to contribute 28,000 MWh annually to the company's energy needs. The company claims that the electricity generated by the project will be equivalent to the energy needed to produce more than 67,000 cars per year. According to the company, it is the largest solar carport in Asia. The solar carport system adopts the east-west concept design, and the unit power generation area is the smallest. With the east-west concept, developers can add more rows and panels, providing greater power generation capacity on a minimal land area. The facility accommodates approximately 9,000 of the company's finished vehicles. With the addition of 20 MW of new capacity, the company's cumulative solar capacity across its plants now stands at 26.3 MW, including the 1.3 MW solar plant installed in 2014. Demand for solar energy has increased substantially in the commercial and industrial sectors to meet their energy needs with cheaper tariffs and at the same time achieve their sustainable development goals.

  • India's first portable roof solar mounting system installed at Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple
    India's first portable roof solar mounting system installed at Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple
    • June 07, 2022

    Servotech Power Systems, a manufacturer of solar and energy saving products, has installed India's first portable solar roof system at the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple complex in Gandhinagar. The installation of ten portable roof solar mounting systems was supported by the German development agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Called Servport, the plug-and-play PV system features six 400W modules with a total output of 2.4 kW. The portable rooftop solar system will complement the existing 400 kW solar system installed at Akshardham Temple. The system has been installed under the initiative of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to develop renewable energy cities in India.

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