Solar Mount Structure

Solar Tracking System

Intelligent Single Post Dual Row Solar Tracking System

Intelligent Single Post Dual Row Solar Tracking System

The single post solar tracking system is fully compatible with 210 silicon wafer modules.

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Intelligent Single Post Dual Row Solar Tracking System

Product Description

The single column solar tracker system is a double-row small solar tracker supported by only one column. It has a built-in inclination sensor and has an intelligent wind speed protection function; it can freely choose AC power supply or self-power supply according to the actual situation.

Technical Parameters

PV- Modules supported Fully fit for 210 module
System type
Single post tracking system
Maximum capacity per set
4.8kWp ( Estimated with 600W PV-Modules )
PV- Module quantity per set
Tracking type
Single axis tracking with tilt angle
Tilt angle
25°- 40°( S-N )( according to project )
Tracking range
±45°( E-W )
Tracking accuracy ±0.5°
Structural Materials HDG Steel, Al- Mg-Zn Coating Steel
Foundation Concrete foundation
Solar tracking method Astronomical algorithm + closed- loop control (AI)
Control system MCU
Drive method Slew Drive
Motor Type 24V DC Motor
Power supply
AC-powered or self-powered ( with 8 PV modules )
Manual operation Yes
Protection function
Maximum operating wind speed
≥18m/s ( Windy area )
Night stow mode Yes
Overheat prevention Yes
Overheat prevention Yes
System fault self-diagnosis Yes
Rotate to horizontal time 4-5min
Wind load Customized according to local condition
Operating temperature -30℃ ~ +60℃
Operating temperature C5
Special tools
Equipped with debugging tools
Load design standard
GB, ASCE,BS EN,AS ( according to project )

Electrical Principle

Single-axis Tracker System electric principle

Features & Benefits

  1. Fully fit for 210 module
  2. Intelligent AI algorithm to improve power generation
  3. Built-in inclination sensor
  4. Easy installation and easy maintenance
  5. Stable and reliable operation
  6. Smart wind protection mode
  7. Power generation increasement of 15-35%
  8. Optional AC power or self-power supply


Single-axis Tracker System case

Our Advantage

A. Qualified Manufacturer;

B. Reliable Quality Control;

C. Competitive Price;

D. High Efficiency working (24*7 hours);

E. One-stop Service.



Solar Ground Mount System Quality inspection


1.Your solar tracker can be automatic, can it be adjusted manually?
Generally it should be within 14days since order placed,if there are any special requirements,let us know please.Yes, our solar tracker can be both automatic control and manual adjustment.
2.What’s your difference with other suppliers?How long is the warranty period of the solar tracker?
Our solar tracker is maintenance-free for 25 years, the warranty for the bracket structure is 10 years, and the warranty for the drive, electrical, and dampers is 5 years.
3.How much does your solar tracker power increase?
Generally, compared with fixed support, the power generation increase is about 10%-15%. According to different latitudes, there will be differences. The power generation of bifacial modules is different under different vegetation conditions, usually 20-25%. It can be increased to more than 30% in the snow.
4.What is your design standard?
For various countries,the standards that we follow are different,such as in Japan,it should be JIS2017 or JIS2019
5.Generally,when we look for suppliers on the internet,we worry about their credits,so how should you promise that we can trust you?
As you know,we are young,but we have survived for 5 years since 2016,which is worthy-trust,and what’s more,if you need,our business licence could be provided.

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


Leave A Message

Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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