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Concrete Foundation Solar Agriculture Greenhouse Mounting System

This agricultural solar panel systems support is based on concrete and has higher wind resistance.

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Concrete Foundation Solar Agriculture Greenhouse Mounting System

Solar Farming Mounting System

Product Description

Compared with the construction of centralized large-scale photovoltaic ground power stations, photovoltaic agricultural science and technology greenhouse projects have many advantages. First, the photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse uses the roof of the agricultural greenhouse, which does not occupy the ground and does not change the nature of land use, so it can save land resources; secondly, by setting up solar panels with different light transmittance on the agricultural greenhouse, It can meet the lighting needs of different crops. It can grow various high value-added crops such as organic agricultural products and valuable seedlings. It can also realize off-season planting and high-quality planting. Finally, the use of roof power generation can not only meet the electricity demand of agricultural greenhouses, but also Connect the remaining electricity to the grid to increase revenue.

Technical Parameters

Installation location Ground
Installation foundation Concrete foundation and ground screw foundation
Installation angle Up to request
Wind load 60m/s (216kmh/133mph)
Snow load 1.4KN/m²
Distance from module lowest point to the ground Up to request
Applicable module type Mono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Double wave and Thin film
Module Orientation Horizontal, Vertical
Design standard AS/NZS1170,JIS C 8955-2017
Bracket material AL6005-T5(Anodized Oxidation)
Fastener Material Stainless steel SUS304
Warranty&Duration 10 years&More than 20 years

Features & Benefits

  1. Light weight, easy transportation & installation and safe construction;
  2. The surface is treated by oxidation, high corrosion resistance and good stability;
  3. Suitable for various designs and solutions;
  4. The maxiumum pre-assembly, save contruction time and labor cost;
  5. Suitable for sandy soil;
  6. More than 50% transmittance which is conducive to crop growth.


sloar mounting in agriculture

Solar Agriculture Farm component


solar farm mount case



(1) How many kinds of your structures?

At present,N shape,W shape,A shape,2V shape and T shape are offered.If you need more info about them,please feel free to send inquiry here.

(2) What’s your difference with other suppliers?

The biggest difference between us is that although we are small scale, we offer the best service that we can do for customers,such as, we will oxidized each sides of products.

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Because this is a new web.If you turn more pages,I believe you will see it and we are upgrading our web too so that it could be listed on the first page.

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IPv6 network supported


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Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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