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Solar Ground Mounting Adjustable Ground Screw

Adjustable 4 Blades Ground Screw is widely applicable to various soils. It can be used in many types of applications

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    Nature, or can be customized
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  • Installation foundation

    Ground Screw
  • Installation angle

    Up to request
  • Snow load

  • Distance from module lowest point to the ground

    Up to request
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    10 years
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    more than 20 years
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Solar Ground Mounting Adjustable Ground Screw

Product Description

Hot dip galvanizedis Adjustable Ground Screw more suitable for solar systems installed on uneven open ground.

Our ground screw products introduce foreign patented technology, the spiral body is directly formed by steel plate, and the pile body will not destroy the original strength of the soil when it is driven into the ground, because the special spiral shape not only has a strong drawing force but also has the same bearing capacity.


Technical Parameters

Installation location Ground
Wind load 60m/s (216kmh/133mph)
Snow load 1.4KN/m²
Applicable module type Mono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, Double wave and Thin film
Module Orientation Horizontal, Vertical
Design standard AS/NZS1170,JIS C 8955-2017
Material Hot dip galvanizedis Q235
Color Nature or Customized
Warranty&Duration 10 years&More than 20 years



1.Can I use a regular screw as a ground screw?
It's not acceptable to use a regular screw as a ground screw.WINTOP's ground screw is perfect matched the solar mounting structure as one of the ground solar mounting solutions.
2.How many kinds of your structures?
At present,N shape,W shape,A shape,2V shape and T shape are offered.If you need more info about them,please feel free to send inquiry here.
3.Can solar panels be mounted on the ground?
Mostly, when households are considering to install solar power system, rooftop solar will be their first choice. But if you don’t have enough space of rooftop to support solar panels, how can you do? Ground mounted solar panels can be an ideal choice. In comparison, ground mounted solar panels don’t have many limitations as rooftop. Even can DIY to provide larger power than rooftop system. That means it can not only save electricity, but also earn money for you sometime.
4.What is a qualified ground screw?
When it comes to high-quality ground screw, in a sense, it should be in good quality, longer life, better, however, we prefer to tell customers to choose the most suitable ground screw. Usually, we will do before construction of a soil survey report, then our engineers will design the most suitable for the customer's design, which is what we call "good."
5.What type of soil is suitable concrete?
Rock accounting for more than 70% in the soil, suitable as a concrete foundation.
6.What is the thickness of your product?
Most of them are 1.3mm, some special may be 1.4mm.
7.ground screw can load much support?
Depending on the type of soil. Higher soil density, can support heavier soil.
8.After the grounding screw drilled into the soil and then pull it out again, it will affect the load capacity?
Exactly! That is why the workers should be skilled.

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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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